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Employee Referral Program – Why You Need Software

Managing your Employee Referral Program is one of those business process tasks that you are likely handling with a combination of spreadsheets, emails, and your ATS.  If you are like most HR managers and recruiters, your process for managing Employee

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Case Study: 11.2% of referred candidates hired

One of our larger customers, also one of the nation’s fastest growing financial services firms, compiled a total of 4829 referred candidates in a one-year period, through referrals made by the 2955 employees who had registered for the referral portal.

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4 Easy Steps To Employee Referral Success

Thought about streamlining your Employee Referral Program lately? With the proliferation of social media, your company is likely already looking at ways to leverage Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for recruiting.  If you can get your employees active on these sites, where

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5 Key Takeaways from Glassdoor Talent Warrior Road Show

This week, Referagig had the opportunity to attend Glassdoor’s Talent Warrior Road Show in Seattle and hear from a few of Glassdoor’s Talent Warrior’s on the Employer Branding and next-generation recruiting techniques they’ve rolled out at their respective companies. Here

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4 Strategies for Crowdsourced Recruiting

Raising money for a project or a startup? Check. Gathering feedback on a new initiative? Check. Testing software for bugs? Check. Using distributed photographs to map the galaxy? Yes. Recruiting? Absolutely. You can “crowdsource” just about anything these days. Social

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5 Consistent Facts About Hiring Through Employee Referral Networks

Four academic professionals recently published an exhaustive research paper on Employee Referrals.  The paper makes an incredibly strong case for employee referral programs and uses data-driven thinking to illustrate this.  Using unique personnel data from nine large firms in three industries,

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Employee Referral Tracking Can Be Dead Simple

DOWNLOAD OUR FREE TRACKING SPREADHEET HERE: Employee Referral Tracking Sheet If you are like most talent acquisition professionals, you receive referrals from employees in a variety of ways (via email, phone, direct conversation) and use spreadsheets to do the tracking.

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Don’t Fall Victim to the “ERP Killers”

Job Board Dependency In a perfect world, hiring managers would never have to look further then their own employees for candidate referrals when new positions at their companies become available.  Every job opening would be filled by a friend of

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Employee Referral Programs – why they matter

Its safe to say that every company/business has its own ERP (Employee Referral Program), whether formal or informal, that they promote to varying degrees at various times.  Larger companies with hundreds of open positions, in some cases, have a full-time

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