What are the best job boards for your recruiting dollar?

Software Advice, an HR & recruiting technology review service that connects businesses with software vendors, recently published the results of its survey to determine which job boards provide the best ROI for employers. , recently published the results of its survey to determine

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5 Steps for Advertising a Job Opening with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads

When preparing to advertise a new job opening on the web, most recruiters turn to one of the many popular job boards, or job board syndication services like ZipRecruiter, to post their opening. This is a tried-and-true method of attracting

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Employees Sharing Job Openings Through Social Media as a Marketing Tactic?

There are obvious reasons to get employees sharing job openings at your company through their personal and professional networks. First off, it’s a great way to attract candidates that could become referrals (after the interested candidate has been vetted by

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Recruiting Spend Management

Something VPs of Talent Acquisition often think about, but perhaps don’t have the most reliable data on, is their Recruiting Spend Management. That is, “our company spends X on recruiting in the following ways, with Y measurable results.” What kinds

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Paper job applications: a thing of the past?

If you’re a retailer of any size (1 store or 500 stores) you have probably, at some point, used paper job applications for walk-in applicants.  Many of you have made the shift to online applications, and have officially gone “paperless”.

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Employee Referral Tracking Can Be Dead Simple

DOWNLOAD OUR FREE TRACKING SPREADHEET HERE: Employee Referral Tracking Sheet If you are like most talent acquisition professionals, you receive referrals from employees in a variety of ways (via email, phone, direct conversation) and use spreadsheets to do the tracking.

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Using LinkedIn Signal as a Job Search tool

Today I conducted a little experiment.  To prove my theory that social media will replace traditional job boards, I leveraged LinkedIn’s little known-about tool, Signal, to check for status updates from 1st and 2nd degree connections that contained words related

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Referral Programs — Not Just for Employees

Today I received an email from Brittany at SoftwareAdvice, a great company that we’ve known about over the years as a trusted resource for customers seeking to navigate the options of vertically-specific software vendors in the HR market.  Simply put, they sell

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Avoiding “Offer Rejection”

Enough years in the recruiting business and enough missed placement opportunities by mishandling the offer scenario has taught me to be patient making job offers. In a tight market for talent, companies want to move top candidates through the hiring

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Don’t Fall Victim to the “ERP Killers”

Job Board Dependency In a perfect world, hiring managers would never have to look further then their own employees for candidate referrals when new positions at their companies become available.  Every job opening would be filled by a friend of

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