Employee Referral Program – Why You Need Software

Managing your Employee Referral Program is one of those business process tasks that you are likely handling with a combination of spreadsheets, emails, and your ATS.  If you are like most HR managers and recruiters, your process for managing Employee Referrals looks something like this:

  • Candidate referrals come in via email, phone, text, paper, and through face-to-face conversations
  • You hunt down the candidate information and import it into your ATS
  • You add the referral to a spreadsheet so you can track who referred the candidate, when
  • When the candidate gets hired, you go back to your spreadsheet to collect data to send to payroll for referral bonus processing
  • You try and report on “source of hire” in your ATS to determine how effective referrals are, but you can’t get the right information

Likely you assume that you are doing the best you can do, because there can’t be something on the market that solves this one very specific problem, right?


Employee Referral Program Software is an emerging category in the recruiting technology space that continues to build momentum.  There are a number of vendors providing software in this space, each with their own unique features and value proposition.  When evaluating the various options, it’s important you determine the following:

  • Does the solution integration with our ATS?
  • Is there a single-sign-on option, so my employees/referrers can access the system with their Office365 or Google credentials?
  • What kind of reporting will the tool provide?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What additional features will referrers get beyond just a submittal form?
  • Can I create campaigns to promote hiring initiatives to my referrers?

Good solutions often have integrated social media options, so referrers can easily share jobs and job-related content with their personal and professional networks, as well as mine their networks for potential candidates.

At Referagig, we are passionate about helping organizations develop world-class referral programs and decreasing their dependency on staffing agencies to fill challenging roles.

Get in touch so we can learn more about how your companies manages referrals, and how we can help!

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